Saturday, 18 October 2014

Galactic Armor closing in

The Mullo AFV have left the manufactories for the frontlines, ready to reinforce key strongpoints in the Galactic Marines forward combat zones.

A shot with a Galactic Marine, as well as a geo shelter for scale. As you can see, it's a monster, a really nice sculpt! 

This heavy tank comes with three different loadouts:

The Angis Cannon, an armour-piercing hard-round weapon, equally proficient at taking on light armour as infantry.

The Valerin Laser variant, with the option of broad or tight-beam settings, this energy weapon can take out infantry when needed, though it's primary use is as a anti-armour weapon.

Finally, the RailGun version, a dedicated armour killer, the hyper-velocity rounds can take out armoured targets on the ground as well as the air.

I also have something else I managed to finish up:

A GZG 6x6 light truck, a perfect piece for objectives or as a transport for all sorts of sci-fi! I will most likely use it for our Spec-Ops skirmish games, but it might see use in FPFH or the Space Opera-verse as well!

Next time I hope to have some more 15mm infantry, as well as the first platoons for my 3mm Sci-fi project!