Monday, 2 June 2014

Some Warband WIPs for SoBH

Lately I have been dying to scratch a particularly persistent fantasy itch, so I started to put together some warbands for Song of Blades & Heroes (or SoBH for short).

I havn't worked out the profiles for these guys yet, but with the inspiration I got from reading the AARs from the guys over at Chicago Skirmish Wargames I think I'm getting there!

Here are some pics, in various states of completion;

 The Barbarians from the High Places, the most completed warband atm.
 The Baron's Men, a noble trying to keep chaos and evil in check, and his group of loyal retainers.

 Salamen, exellent salamander men from Khurasan Miniatures, they will be a swamp-dwelling clan, questing for the lost Idol if their tribe.
 A Summoner, mysterious traveller from the east, here with his bound demon.
Finally, no fantasy is complete without undead! These skeletons are lead by a Wight(seen in the middle of the pic), but he merely does his masters bidding..

There are a few more characters I have begun work on, but I haven't got any Pictures of them yet. I will take them as soon as time allows!

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