Wednesday, 4 June 2014

AAR: Breakthrough the valley

This is technically a re-post of an AAR I wrote up on Angel Barracks forum. I dicided to repost it here, since more AARs will be forthcoming and I want to have them all on the blog!

Some background might be in order;

This is the first officially reported engagement between the GEU, usually referred to simply as the Union and the mercernary company of  Warg Industeries.

The action took place on the colony designated PMR-21, a newly terraformed World that so far is mostly barren. Known for being the home of research facilities belonging to the powerful Sanada Bio-Corporation.
Recently though, unconfirmed reports of valuable mineral deposits have been drawing the interest of several of the other corporate gigants of the Inner System.

The Warg Industries, and by extention their military arm, have been retained by Sanada Bio-Corp to maintain order and make sure the other mega-corps stay out of Sanada's interests on PMR-21.

The Word was that the Union had found something Sanada rather they didn't, and a plan was set in motion to make sure that this discovery "disappeared" from the supply-base where it was awaiting a transport to the Union labs.

Union exec's where not uninformed about this plan however, and a team was dispatched to warn the base.

The board set up, some things, boards included, are still WIP.

1st turn. The Union need to break through the Mercs blocking the path out of the valley to warn the local commander of an impending attack!

Union wins the initiative, moving out with the tank infront. The first Apc open fire on the sniper over by the MHU, scoring 1 wound.

The Warg Mercs move up and disembarks their Elite squad, who quickly gets to work. The union tank is disabled by a ball of plasma.

Some follow-up moves by the rest of the union forces, and the Warg Mercs move the second infantry squad into firing positions by the roadside.

Start of the second turn. A lot of action during this turn!

Union troops make a push, dismounting infantry from their apc and shooting up the closet Merc squad, causing 4 casualties and break them. the tank manages to repair the damage enough to return fire, killing 2 of the mercs that damaged it the previous turn.

The remaining mercs open fire on the offending enemy, but they make a ridiculous armor roll, and nobody is hurt! The Warg APC and their elite squad try to level the odds, but with little success..

The Warg Sniper, seeing an opportunity, fires upon the unit of Power Armor and even manages to kill one of them! Taken aback by the lucky shot, the PA unit breaks!

Finally the Battlesuit squad of Mercs, the Wolves showed up. This ends turn 2.

Merc take the initiative, battlesuits move out and in a hail of bullets the front APC is disabled. the merc squad and the attached apc is quick to lay into the apc as well, blowing it up in a ball of flame..

When the initiative passes, the Union moved troops to support the ailing Power-armor by taking out the sniper, and the tank moved up to take a shot at the battlesuits. Heavy cannon-fire made quick work of the suit, and the last warg infantry finally fell to concentrated fire.

Top of the 4th round. things are looking dicey for the merc..

Last turn saw the Apc of the mercs blown up, the Battlesuits making a brave but ultimatlely futile charge at the tank and finally the mercs surrendered.

The Union survivors could now warn the supply base of the coming attack, hoping they would make it in time.

It was a fun game, the Union came out on top mostly because of the delayed reinforcement of the

Next, the Mercs raid on the Union supply base!

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